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Diversity Hiring

The most dynamic & an interesting area of our interest is Diversity hiring . Diversity is an important priority with a growing impact on various organisations. Organisations are better prepared to achieve excellence when their leadership matches the diversity in their workplace, communities, customers, stakeholders and markets.

Value Proposition

These days companies are expecting their search partner to seamlessly address their diversity needs as it is one of the growing areas & People Agile listens to you. We tailor our services to provide a breadth of candidates while ensuring that quality and fit are also fully covered. With diversity fully integrated into our service, clients have an increased degree of comfort and trust in the partnership. We increasingly focused on building connection with female candidates to increase the data pool we have.

We are also a diverse organisation. More than 40 per cent of our team members are women, and their representation on management and partner teams is a priority. People Agile is looking forward to delivery diversity commitment.

How We Operate

  • Building network & large data pool of women employees.

  • Encouraging women empowerment.

  • Mapping geographies basis of men vs women ratio.

  • Taking implicit association test.

Contract Staffing

  • Enabler recruitment solutions is a leading company in providing Contract Staffing services with a skilled and stable work force to various business organizations to accomplish both short/long term goals and objectives and it helps our clients to respond quickly and effectively to dynamic business opportunities.

  • Client organizations today realize that human expertise is critical for the success of any enterprise. Our clients partner with us for strategic and comprehensive solutions in locating talent, not merely to cut costs, but to gain a competitive edge and focus on core strengths. We have successfully catered to the HR outsourcing requirements of more than ten companies in India, which includes MNCs, Manufacturing Industries, Healthcare industry, Corporate Offices, Retail Shopping Centre and Currently deployed more than 200 associates on staffing assignments. Our Clients will be at a greater flexibility in meeting their ongoing manpower requirements and a reduction in direct employee costs and number of permanent employees without compromising quality. Today, ERS  has been emerged as most trusted HR services company with high ethical standards of work which has contributed to the building of our reputation in the industry

Our existing Clients commend on us time and time again on our individual focus and service because Enabler recruitment solutions has:

  • Well equipped with infrastructure and competent staff to manage the entire workforce.

  • We understand the requirements of our clients and deliver the Industry specific staffing solutions based on their requirements.

  • Employee Induction with proper documentation and issuing Appointment Letters, ID cards to the newly inducted.

  • Complete workforce management including accurate and on time payroll & benefit administration and responsible for handling all employee related issues.

  • Continuous learning through structured training programs, encouraging team work and knowledge sharing among the group of employees.

  • Hassle-free management of legal and Compliance issues under various statutory enactments including Income Tax, Provident Fund, ESIC/WC, Profession Tax etc.,

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